How to hide files in macOS

How to hide files and folders on macOS


The command line “chflags hidden” is used to hide files and folders in macOS. You can use the Comand-Shift-. keyboard combination to show the hidden files and folders.

Snagit- The Best Screen Capture Software for Windows and Mac


Both Windows and Mac have the built-in screen capture tools, however, those built-in tools are not powerful enough for the technical writers or bloggers who need to write how-to guides. For technical writers or bloggers, they deserve a versatile screen capture tool:Snagit!

The document-Level macOS Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know


If you’re a Windows veteran like me, after switching to macOS, you may be confused by the document (file)-level keyboard shortcuts on macOS. So in this post, I’m going to show you some of the most frequently used document-level keyboard shortcuts on macOS.