The App-Level macOS Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

In my previous post, I talked about the system-level macOS keyboard shortcuts:

In this post, I will focus on the app-level macOS keyboard shortcuts. After you read this post, you’ll be familiar with those app-level keyboard shortcuts.

App-level keyboard shortcuts

Force Quit Applications:

Mac keyboard: Option-Command-Esc
Windows keyboard: Alt-Windows logo key-Esc

Close the front window:

Mac keyboard: Command-W
Windows keyboard: Windows logo key-W

Close all windows of the app:

Mac keyboard: Command-Option-W
Windows keyboard: Windows logo key-Alt-W

Hide the windows of the front app:

Mac keyboard: Command-H
Windows keyboard: Windows logo key-H

View the front app but hide all other apps:

Mac keyboard: Option-Command-H
Windows keyboard: Alt-Windows logo key-H

Minimize the front window of the Dock:

Mac keyboard: Command-M
Windows keyboard: Windows logo key-M

Minimize all windows of the front app:

Mac keyboard: Option-Command-M
Windows keyboard: Alt-Windows logo key-M

Use the app in full screen:

Mac keyboard: Control-Command-F
Windows keyboard: Ctrl-Windows logo key-F

Switch to the next most recently used app among your open apps:

Mac keyboard: Command-Tab
Windows keyboard: Windows logo key-Tab

Open preferences for the front app:

Mac keyboard: Command-Comma (,)
Windows keyboard: Windows logo key-Comma (,)

That’s it! If you master the keyboard shortcuts in the post, I believe you can boost productivity when working with your Mac. Just as always, if you’d like to share your thoughts or ideas, or if you have any questions on this topic, you’re more than welcome to leave me a comment below!

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